Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Back

Thank you all for sticking by me and visiting my somewhat dormant blog!! Time has flashed on by and we are fast tracking to the end of the school term 1! Thank you for those who have left comments as to what they would like to see and gain from my blog. I have decided to make it a bit more "information shared over a coffee or tea" style. People have also asked me to blog how I personally mange certain nutrition issues within my family. So here goes a more informal approach to the nutrition bloggy blog world starring my family!
This morning Master J (still 9yrs) is super keen to get to school by 7.30am!!! to participate in the run swim club before school - as training for the lead up to the cross country carnival. Announces at 7am that a round of french toast would go down nicely to set his energy in good stead. (well at least he listens to be bang on about healthy eating). Miss R - 6years, also wanted to partake in the feast- much to husbands horror regarding my lack of time managment skills. To be honest it was fairly quick and the protein, iron and slow release carbohydrates was going to give him the start he needed and energy to continue till their first break. This year is the year for taking responsibility and pulling their own weight so whilst I whipped up a storm they gathered the necessary clothing and swimmers so we could get to school on time. I even had MY BED made for me.......bliss.

Easiest french toast recipe

1 egg per toast
splash milk
multigrain bread
smear of honey

whip the egg and milk
dip the bread either side into the egg until soggy
spray a little oil on the base of a non stick pan
fry off until egg is cooked
drizzle with honey